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An event is always better when shared over a meal. That is why choosing the right caterer is so important. By hiring food service, you can reduce your workload. At the same time, you can design an exquisite menu for your guests.

Despite these obvious advantages, picking the right company can be easier said than done. If you want a company with quality food and superior service, you need Plano BBQ Catering. Read on to discover what our service can do for you.

Who We Are and What We Do

 Based in Plano, Texas, we have been proud to offer succulent barbecue on demand since 2004. Although many food businesses struggle to gain a foothold in the local market, we had already achieved notoriety. This is due to our participation in barbecue competitions throughout the region. In this manner, our expansion into professional catering was completely natural. We are pleased to say that our service has grown in popularity every year since we started.

As a family business, we have a passion for barbecue and a passion for people. Countless other businesses can cater your events. Our service, however, is exceptional from start to finish.

We seek to retain competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our food. Therefore, we use only the best meats and the most enticing rubs. All of our recipes have been developed in-house. Moreover, we cook all our meals from scratch. This includes the meats, sides and desserts.

We know a lot of food service companies may make similar claims. However, if you hire us, you will taste the difference. CNN claims Plano, TX is a can’t miss destination for great food, and we agree.

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As Seen in

D Magazine Dallas Ultimate Wedding Guide 2017


First Place Award – Barbecue, Family-Friendly, Lunch, Catering Company, and Group Dining.

First Class Service

From fresh and prime cooked meats, to our clean and professional set up, we customize your order with our full service and ON SITE grilling. We also provide a delivery drop off service for smaller parties that will give a mouthwatering experience to your guests.

Priced For Your Budget

We all know that becoming the leading Plano Barbecue catering company cannot happen without offering Award-Winning service and legendary BBQ all at the very best prices. We will customize a perfect menu to fit your budget and needs.

High Quality Food Is the Key Ingredient

Our history in the business is worth noting. Nonetheless, we know that good catering is really all about the food. If that is truly the case, then we have you covered. Just consider our options for every part of the dining experience.

Meats: We are a barbecue catering company. Our dedication to meat selection is positively unparalleled. We choose only select cuts of meat. This includes prime brisket, savory pulled pork and decadent ham. You can also order moist turkey breast, succulent smoked chicken and tangy sausage. On top of all that, we even offer our delectable barbecue ribs. We not only provide exquisite meat, but we also make sure that it is cooked to perfection. Unlike other barbecue caterers, we serve from our custom smoker. This ensures that every piece of meat is fresh and hot.

Sides: Our sides are perfect for gatherings of all sizes. The selection has been tailored to match our meats. We provide popular barbecue dishes that will bring you back for seconds. For a lighter side, try our grilled vegetables or seasoned pinto beans. Richer sides could include macaroni and cheese or creamy coleslaw. You can even try our pasta salad. Our unique recipe provides an updated taste for this dish. These sides are just the start. Check out our extensive sides menu to complete your catered meal.

Dessert: No barbecue meal is complete without dessert. We know it is hard to save some room in your stomach. Even so, our desserts are definitely worth it. Cobbler is the perfect way to finish off a barbecue. Accordingly, we have perfected our peach and apple varieties for your consumption. We also can provide banana pudding as the ideal complement to your meal.

Our food options are available in packages. This allows you to pick and choose the combinations that best fit your event and budget.

Exceptional Service

We believe that good food is the most important part of any catering service. However, we will never forget that our service also has a human element. When you hire a company to cater your event, you need someone you can trust. You are not just looking for food. You are looking for an experience. That is why we work hard to provide exceptional service. We work with you to plan the perfect meal for your event. During planning, we walk you through the meal options and pricing plans. Our catering staff is fully equipped to make sure your guests have a pleasant experience. To complete our service, we handle all the food setup and cleaning. This way, all you have to do is enjoy your event.

Catered To Create Memories

Our catering options are limited only by your imagination. However, some of the most common events we cater are included below.

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Graduation parties
  • Corporate events
  • Fundraisers
  • Family Reunions

The options are endless. If you are thinking about barbecue for your next event, let us help you plan it.

We are Your Choice for Barbecue Catering

Food can make or break your event. We provide quality barbecue at a competitive price, starting at about $12-14 per person. Contact Plano BBQ Catering for your next event.

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